A lot more than just NOK per hour

Clockwork offer a very competitive salary and benefit package for our employees.

On top of Norwegian laws and regulations we offer a wide package of extra benefits compared to many others staffing agencies.

As one of few staffing agencies Clockwork is holding a tariff agreement with the workers union (Fellesforbundet), and this gives our employees a lot of extra benefits:






  • A minimum of NOK 176.- salary per hour
  • Travel compensation: an average of 11.- NOK per hour* (Reise og gang tid)
  • 12% holiday payment - A minimum of 21,12 NOK per hour* (Feriepenger)
  • Salary on all public holidays - full payment when time off*
  • Toll fees covered if you drive your own car to work (NOK 19.- to 120.- per day, depending on distance and time of day)
  • Standard pension (OTP) - 2% of your salary in savings*
  • Extra pension (AFP) - an additional 2% savings*
  • Recruitment Bonus - NOK 2000.- for our employees recommending others for a job in Clockwork*


* Please download our compensation package document or ask for our personell handbook
for rules and more information, or call one of our recruiters.


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